Palouse Falls

Palouse falls from the air

Palouse falls from the air

One of Eastern Washington’s most spectacular sites is 47 miles from Odessa.  Palouse Falls is Washington State’s official water fall.  Lunch or dinner at the Snake River Grill are options.  The drive also includes the historic town of Ritzville, and beautiful landscapes back to Odessa.

The Palouse River meanders through beautiful hill country rich in dry wheat farming.  The river spills magnificently over basalt cliffs a few miles above its confluence with the Snake River.

At the falls is a 105 Acre park offering views of the natural spillway dropping from a height of 198 feet.  High water volumes take place in the spring and early summer, but the falls are a memorable sight any time of year.

At the end of the last Ice Age , repeated glacial floods, known as the Missoula floods, swept across Eastern Washington carving out the channeled scablands that are unique to this region of the planet.  Palouse Falls remains an artifact of prehistory — one of the lasting remnants of Glacial Lake Missoula’s flood path, the most recent flood occurring some 12,000 years ago.