Sandhill Crane Festival

Guided tour of the Othello Annual Sand Hill Crane festival every March.

This Years dates are on March 27,28,29 year 2015.

Daily Tours lasting from 1 hr 45 min  to 2 hrs.

9:00  a.m.  To 10:45  a.m.

5:00 P.M.  To dark.

You may attend free lectures  which are repeated through out the day. There are 5 to 6 lectures

Every hour in a class room setting.   Lectures given in the past included  falconry, Missoula floods and the Channeled scablands, woodland park zoo, Grouse of Washington, history of  the Drumheller channeled scablands, shrub-steppe flora and fauan owls of Eastern Washington, and spring migration in the Columbia basin.

Breakfast, Lunch, admission fees, guide fee all included in the price  of the tour. ” let us customize a tour for you ! ‘