View of the scab lands from a ATV_027

Update, 10/13/2015.  Lincoln County “Code of the West ”  road resolution 2309  paragraph 1.17, page 3:  Many roads in Lincoln County  have been classified as ” Primitive ;” this classification  removes  any requirements for design, signing and maintenance for a road that is designated and marked as a primitive road.   What this means is that you can drive your ORV on primitive  roads at your own risk, but  with no liability on the county’s part.

Ed Hayden, the owner of the La Collage Inn (509-982-2412), can furnish maps of municipal and county roads that comply with RCW 46.09.  Eventually the county will provide maps online.

Odessa has approved a golf cart ordinance for driving on city streets.  The town of Wilbur has their ordinance in place also with streets now open for ORV traffic. Consequently one can ride from town to town, and along the way see many scenic areas of the Channeled Scablands as well as Lake Roosevelt.

A ATV outback trail. A 1850's tour route that simulates the old west, the landscape has not changed much since . Photo can be used promoting ATV's groups a